February 11, 2003
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Tekka Feedback

Aaron Swartz is the first to 'blog Tekka, with a long and thoughtful appreciation:

They're intelligent and innovative looks at modern technology, drawing from classical sources in other fields. Tekka sounds like it will be quite fun to read. . . . Tekka starts from the assumption that the reader is smart and interested, if not knowledgable about every subject. Doing this makes for great reading.

Aaron is wrong on a couple of details. He doesn't owe his column to personal friendship. He got it because he's one of the world experts on RSS, RDF, and related technology on the all-important border between syndication and the semantic Web, because he's got strong and unusual opinions about such sacred cows as XML, and because he's a promising writer. I'd figured all this out from reading and correspondence some time before I found out he's also extraordinarily young.

And Tekka's not "my" magazine, official or otherwise. I'm the publisher, Anja Rau's the editor, Eastgate's the sponsor.