Saturday, June 1, 2002

View from the Heart on Tinderbox

"The ability to change from a map view to an outline is a very intuitive way to revisualize information. Very flexible, very responsive.

"Ladies and gentleman, I think we have a winner here. Very, very cool." -- View From The Heart

It's striking that, with all that's been written about Tinderbox, this is one of the first Tinderbox comments to dwell on one of it's nicest features: Tinderbox has lots of views, and you can use them all together. Switch instantly from maps to charts to outlines. Leave 'em open, or create new ones as needed.

Hypertext veterans are used to this, thanks to Storyspace. But it's a good old idea that's been too often neglected. Tinderbox was designed from the ground up to support this even more fully than Storyspace 1 did, and Storyspace 2 is already benefiting from the new technology. I'll be discussing this next week at Hypertext '02.