April 30, 2002


In a bad week, I'm taking a pleasure in Iru, a lovely display font from T26. It's drawn with a simple joy. It's at once familiar and new. It has a great Y and a nifty X, which makes it handy for a hypertext publisher like me.

If you read the Scandinavian Web design portal k10k, you're already familiar with the exuberant enthusiasms of its writers. Sites they like are smooth and sweet. They're filled with pixellated goodness. They're tasty. They're happy.

Hypertext begins with Ted Nelson's white book with a clenched fist and the motto: You Can And Must Understand Computers Now. Computer For The People! We used to worry about fitting the computer in the basement, and what we'd do to help people who didn't have a basement. Now, we agonize over whether we can bother upgrading our browser or agonize that we weren't born knowing Flash and Tinderbox and PHP.

Enough. Let's stop worrying and get back to making (and enjoying) great stuff.