April 8, 2003

Blogs and narrative

Flurblewig, a fairly new blogger with a nifty purple hue, read my notes on the Five Silly Reasons people give for the impossibility of hypertext. She sees the point right off. Even better, she immediately sees why weblog clusters are hypertextual and recognizes the importance of narrative time in weblogs, something that experts often miss.

(Note to Shelley of Flurblewig and to all new webloggers: tell us who you are. New bloggers, having heard people complain that weblogs are self-indulgent, too often forget to identify themselves at all. Your readers do want to know about you -- even if you're not the center of you weblog.)

Meanwhile, it looks like we're having our own weblog enactment of the Rise and Fall over at Agonist, a wildly popular war news site. Sean-Paul Kelley has had a complex month: he got married, he launched a wildly successful weblog, and now Wired reports that he got caught lifting data without attribution from a subscription service,