March 31, 2003
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IA Summit 2

Victor Lombardi blogs my talk on Gardens, Manifestos at IA Summit.

Bernstein later tried hard to anger the crowd with his condemnation of information architects, but I think everyone was too mesmerized by his gorgeous presentation while realizing some of his criticism was fair: we need to consider the larger view of user experience as physical architects do, start making beautiful, pliant, artifacts, and stop only whining about what's wrong. Jesse echoed this last sentiment during the five-minute madness, asking if we might celebrate our successes more often.

What surprised me about IA Summit was the enthusiasm and openness of this conference, its embrace of new ideas. It was very generous. That's a good sign, especially at the start of a war and in an economy so bad that even the IA's who still have Fortune 500 jobs were often paying their own way to the conference. A refreshing change from the usual dreariness.