Thursday, April 15, 2004
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I'm off to the planning meetings for Hypertext '04, in Santa Cruz.

My main job this year will be to coordinate the panels, but -- like dozens of others in the field -- I've been asked to review a bundle of papers submitted to the conference. (The Hypertext Conference is very selective in the papers it accepts)

I just printed my referee reports for the meeting. I didn't have a particularly heavy load this year -- once (in my gaudy youth) I read every paper submitted, more than 100 papers -- but all told I've written 12,500 words of commentary and critique. As I recall, that's twice as long as a full paper.

Conferences are a lot of work.

Speaking of which: want to help out with Tinderbox weekend next month? Got ideas for fun and interesting topics? May 22-23, in Boston. Email me!