Thursday, April 1, 2004
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Treo Two

My Treo 600 finally arrived.

I came late to the cell phone dance — I switched from a Palm to a Treo only when my Mom got ill, and in some months I make only one or two calls. I broke down and upgraded from my original Treo, which I quite liked, for two reasons:

So far, the surprise is that the luminescent color screen is vastly superior to the old, reflective monochrome. I no longer think about ambient light when reaching for the Treo, and that's a change. And, the GPRS internet link seems to work well, out of the box.

Treo Two

One problem is figuring out the translation between the service provider's brand names ("t-zones") and actual services. I used to get 2M of metered internet per month for $10; the Web site says that t-zones gives me unlimited internet for $5, But what, exactly, is a t-zone? I didn't know, and neither did the customer service rep. We ended up changing my service package by guessing what might work; that's not sound engineering.