April 12, 2005

Books Bought

A month starts, a season starts, Tinderbox Weekend Paris looms. A bunch of new entries in Books Bought (yeah -- over there on the left of the main page, near the top)

I know, I know. Look at all those books! Ouch! It's not as if there's anywhere to put them. It's not as if there's any time to read them. Especially if I continue to indulge in silliness like today's adventure (boeuf a la ficelle, and oatmeal cookies too).

But, what can I do without? Gene Wolfe's Knight got an amazing review in NYRSF, from Gaiman no less. A later issue argued, seriously, that Eileen Gunn's Stable Strategies for Middle Management is the best short story of the decade. Aaron Swartz, who isn't given to handing out bushels of praise, says Hawkins has figured it out. I saw a really great review of the new Ishiguro. I've never read Brooks, but this sounds wonderful.