April 22, 2005

Help with Heathrow?

Next month, the best way out of a bad plane connection seems to be to accept a really bad plane connection and spend the night at Heathrow.

So: if you had about 11 hours of possible sleeping-time overnight at Heathrow, where would you stay? Email suggestions, please.

Update: John Tolva suggests the Heathrow Hilton. For a small fee, you can also work out at the Hilton during long layovers. Michael Bywater suggests catching the train into central London -- now a quick trip -- and trying the Paddington Hilton (convenient) or Hazlitt's Hotel . Hazlitt's looks wonderful. Their Web site says it's popular with writers, but from the rates I imagine those writers must sell rather well. For the moment, I'm booked into a concrete box call Jury's just off the airport.