April 11, 2005

Lit Crit considered as a journey

Feedster helps me keep track of interesting new notes about literary hypertext.

One remarkable opening to a blog entry that turns out to discuss narratology and Patchwork Girl opens thus:

January 3, 2003 the police show up looking for my brother, for questioning.

That's where we begin. Somehow, by way of a call girl, we end up here:

'The syntheses of the modern Graphical User Interface with Patchwork Girl's narrative structure and the traversable topography of Her's human form allows Jackson to create a virtual body of text which the reader must approach intimately to engage with at all, thus making manifest in her narrative the psychic and physical intercourse readers perform with all narrative texts' [Paez, Illuminations 4].

The writer is (I think) Richard Paez, a student at the University of Florida.