April 21, 2005

Tinderbox Weekend Paris

Tinderbox Weekend in Paris went very well indeed! The lab at AUP worked very nicely, with a good projector and lots of new iMacs -- and plenty of power strips. The weekend had to be scheduled around a noon start on Sunday, but we met early for lunch at a café down the street and worked through five, and I think things worked out OK.

Tinderbox Weekend Paris
Getting Started: Sunday Morning at Tinderbox Weekend

Tinderbox Weekend Paris
Anja Rau did a great introduction to Tinderbox, covering some elements even I didn't know about. We should get the introduction on tape someday.

I missed having the Tinderbox dinner. We didn't attempt this, for fear that the logistics of arranging dinner for a large and varied party, in a strange city, in French, would lead to disaster. Next time, I think we'll take the risk.

Interesting fact: a significant fraction of Tinderbox Paris attendees mentioned that they would have come to Boston or San Francisco, except that they are no longer willing to enter the U.S. -- at least, not under the current administration and while the Patriot Act is in force.