April 7, 2006

Why you need an ABOUT page

I stumbled across a nice post about (and flattering comments on this blog) from Nathan Baron. (Nice WordPress template, too)

"I've been playing around with a piece of software called Tinderbox.  Tinderbox is simply amazing.  It allows yoVera Ganley is really bright, too!) And so, having found Mr. Baron's weblog to be very intelligent indeed, I wanted to know more about the fellow.

But his weblog has no "About" page. I only know the author's name because it's in his URL.

This isn't uncommon. I've written about this before. Lots of people skip the "about" page, or leave it empty, not wanting to boast or call attention to themselves.

It's not boasting to introduce yourself. Your readers need some context. Are you running a company, or teaching in a university, or raising children, or breeding camels? Are you a student in Omaha or Osaka or Östersund?