May 1, 2007
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A fresh Tinderbox map experiment

In Tinderbox, a note can have a prototype. That means "this note is just like its prototype, except when I've told you it's different." For example, the prototype of this note happens to be "ProtoPost" -- the prototypical weblog post.

The latest experiment in the Map view adds a little "file tab" above the selected note. If the not has a prototype, it's shown in the tab, and you can click on the tab to change the prototype.

A fresh Tinderbox map experiment

An Tinderbox expert sent email to ask, "Why?"

When I'm taking notes at a conference, I'm usually making fresh notes at a furious clip. I use a few basic prototypes:

But I never know what the next note will be. Tinderbox guesses that the next note is probably going to be the same sort of thing as the last note; this is often helpful but it's also often wrong. So, as I'm taking notes, I'm often forgetting to pick the prototype and then going back to fix it.

Now, I can fix it right there in the map or outline.