April 12, 2007
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Onion Cellar

A few months ago, I saw The Onion Cellar at the ART, a play/cabaret/performance written by and centered on The Dresden Dolls. I wrote that

It's exactly the sort of thing I love to see ART do. Amanda Palmer seems to be immensely talented, and I can easily see the ART triumvirate wondering if they could catch lightning in a bottle. It's not quite there, because it's not quite a play. But it's fascinating and new, and you've got to take your shots.

Now, thanks to a Blogger syndication bug, I've stumbled across the playwright/performer’s own reaction to the work, which (we learn) blew up in rehearsal. She asks herself, "Why did Amanda ignore all the red flags waving in her face when she still had time to fix the problem?" She plans to watch Dancer in the Dark and Million Dollar Baby. She writes, "2 shows down. 38 shows left."