April 15, 2008
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Malt does more than Milton can....

.... to justify god's ways to man. But Milton does pretty well. I've never attempted Paradise Lost, but you've got to hand it to a guy who could do such a nice job of imagining what Satan's army would be inclined to say to each other after they'd lost the big one. Good punch!

But an apology in advance might best be made right now.

Among all my bad habits, one stands out,
Which is: I tend to soak up style and voice
Of any book I chance upon to read,
A harmless penchant mostly, but in this
Strange case it might some inconvenience hold
Because, like me, John Milton seldom met
A semicolon he did not admire.
Two colons — three! — in one short span amuse
But don't perplex the reader of his work.
In mine they would, and do, and I will try
To keep things within bounds 'til this wears off
And also ten-foot lines I will avoid
Real soon now. Thanks.