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visual notes

Tab Dump on visual note-taking, especially the much-twittered VizThink panel at SXSW.

This is a Tinderbox trick I haven't used lately. I had a bunch of URLs I wanted to save, so I dragged them into a new Tinderbox document. That way, I’d have them handy later. If I want to revisit the site, I just open the corresponding note – Tinderbox keeps track of the URL.

visual notes

Then, I thought you might like to have them too. So I dragged these notes into my weblog, and made a fresh export template called "tab dump":

<li> <a href="^value($URL)"> visual notes </a> </li>

Where I want the list to appear in the post, I just say:


Now, any time I want to share a list of URLs here, I have a handy way to do it. It only took a minute to write the template, and I’ve got a nifty new feature – and a handy place to preserve reading lists.