August 6, 2003
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Mac Net Journal is digging Tinderbox 2:

After downloading and starting to use this new version a few days ago I am impressed how the program has grown even more useful. Content management, idea management, weblogs, outlining, text clippings - so much to grasp and so little time. Add the fact that the new version is much faster and Tinderbox is really becoming a tool for anyone who needs to organize thoughts and make sense of their data."

Giles Turnbull, writing for the O'Reilly MacDev Center, detours from a review of "yellow-sticky widgets" to mention Tinderbox:

Tinderbox has an almost cult following. While it makes more demands of users and has a steeper learning curve than other apps we've covered, it's also a lot more powerful.... It's a great brain helper, but at 140 dollars, by far the most expensive piece of software covered here. Fans would no doubt argue that you get what you pay for.

And David Harvey, a member of the Water and Environmental Management Research Centre, has a new weblog where he hankers for a Macintosh.

Ever since MacOS X was released I’ve hankered after a Macintosh. The ability to run all my favourite Linux programs alongside Microsoft Office (some which has merit, and which is necessary anyway) and various OS/X only software such as TinderBox is a compelling reason to favour the Mac over a PC running either Linux or Windows.