August 14, 2003
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We're hard at work on issue three of Tekka. This Tekka is going to be remembered as our Middle East Issue, with features on blogging in Iran, media looting in Iraq, and on the hypertextuality of 11th-century Byzantine manuscripts.

We'll have original Flash fiction from 6amhoover's Donna Leishman, a new essay by Torill Mortensen, a report on Digital Storytelling. And we've got a slew of reviews.

Keeping up with the reviews has turned out to be a major editorial problem, I hadn't foreseen how many reviews Tekka would need, but to cover the world of new media ideas you simply have to take a close look at a wide range of books, journals, games, and tools. In this issue alone, we've got two important books about bugs, breakthrough game hardware, several high-profile books and collections about new media, and a fascinating guide for young researchers. Finding the right reviewer for everything is a challenge -- just keeping track is a challenge. Fortunately, Elin Sjursen is finding clever Tinderbox solutions to tracking and managing review needs and reviewers.