August 31, 2005

Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans?

Kathryn Cramer points out that the blogosphere is strangely quiet in tracking the story down in New Orleans today -- and it sounds like quite a story.

Right now, we're hearing about a SuperDome filled with 20,000 refugees who need to be evacuated. How? (Apparently by 475 buses to the Astrodome, where people will live for weeks. )

And apparently the I-10 bridge is gone. I seem to recall that that's a Big Deal -- the I-10 is the big bridge that is absolutely necessary to feed New Orleans' population. Of course, New Orleans' population is mostly out of town right now, but still...

And, reportedly, police are joining looters in cleaning out a Wal-Mart store.

The big news sites, as Kathryn points out, aren't getting much of the story. The Times-Picayune headline right now is "Will New Orleans Survive?" This is an improvement over the previous headline, "President's comments on Katrina's devestation" [sic]. When the newspaper can't proofread its headlines, things must be getting a bit tense.

WWL TV is blogging.

A 2003 review article in Civil Engineering gives a good overview of what scientists expected to happen -- including the 20 feet of water in the streets from a category 4 hurricane.