August 23, 2005
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We've been asking lots of students (some of them also happen to be distinguished teachers) about taking notes with Tinderbox.

While we're thinking (in the Northern Hemisphere) of going back to school, Tinderbox can be a nice tool for sketching out and sharing course plans. One particularly nice factor is that you can concentrate on writing now, confident that you can export your work to a Web site that will look the way you want -- when The Way You Want It To Look will be decided sometime later.

Marisa Antonaya sent along her prototype syllabus/course site, remarking that

Each [section of the Tinderbox file] is linked to a different template in order to give each of my courses (history and literature) a unique look. As usual, a few hour's design work is worth not having to worry about the look once it's done, giving me all the time I need to focus on content.