August 13, 2005
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Tinderbox for Notes

Earlier this month, I mentioned that we were looking for some students who take notes with Tinderbox. We received volunteers from all over the world. (Originally, the idea was to have lunch with a couple of people from Harvard and MIT and Brown, but that's harder when you run from Austria to Australia. Plans change.)

We sent them a long, long list of questions. Answers are already arriving, and they're very informative, too. Lots of great ideas.

And lots of great stories. Here's one:

[Tinderbox] has helped me so much in getting my act together for this diploma - other new students are still having trouble finding their way around and I think we will lose some of them judging by their lack of participation. So many of them are saying they are overwhelmed. Without Tinderbox, I too would have been overwhelmed.

(If you missed the first round, there's still plenty of time to play -- and it'd be a big help for us. If you're willing, email me, )