August 3, 2006
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Angela Booth

Writer and copywriter Angela Booth recommends the Tinderbox screencast on Plotting With Tinderbox.

Although I've been using the program for around ten months, I'm always finding new ways to make my writing life easier with it.

Just yesterday, I found one myself. I'm polishing a series of upcoming lectures on the hypertextuality of Tinderbox, and I wanted to jot down some sudden ideas for interplay between the text of the talk and the images I'll put on the screen. (I rely heavily on visuals, and often I let the visuals say one thing while I'm saying something else.) How couid I quickly distinguish visual notes in the text?

Set the under-utilized Tabs attribute to 1.5, and give those visual notes a big indent. With liberal paragraph spacing, they're set off very nicely indeed.