August 31, 2006
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Five foods

Truffle Farmer Gareth Renowden chimes on with Five things to eat before you die. (Enough with the dying, already; five things to eat is sufficient).

His top pick is andouillette, a sausage with its own web site . Its admirers have a society, the Association Amicale des Amateurs d'Andouillettes Authentiques. Naturally, the list reaches its crescendo with Tuber magnatum.

I'm on deadline today, so I can't dawdle and dally, and finding a definitive list is going to be tough anyway. Do you want the five best things, or the five things everyone doesn't already know about? What about things that were good, but you can't get them anymore because the restaurant closed or they don't make them anymore or it's just not like it used to be?

Here are five good things, with suggestions of where to find them. The locations are just suggestions; you can find all of them in your own back yard.

  1. Souvlakia (street stand near Nemea, Greece)
  2. Noodle kugel (aunt Hazel's was great, Linda's is pretty good; an unploughed field for restauranteurs)
  3. Midnight paella, Barcelona
  4. Seared foie gras, Geronimo (Santa Fe)
  5. Brook trout, fresh from the stream, dredged in corn meal and fried in bacon fat over an open fire

But I could give you lots more fives and still have plenty left to feed a crowd.