September 1, 2007

Peace Corps II

Last night, Linda suggested that it's high time for a new Peace Corps.

What we need, it seems, is a bunch of talented and experienced people to go where they need some talent and experience, to fix things that need fixing — especially things the Republicans have broken. The electricity if Iraq, for example.

How come they don't have a little scoreboard on page 3 of the newspaper each day: hours of electricity in Baghdad yesterday: 3.6? It's not a big secret: everyone in Baghdad knows the answer. Why are we listening to talking heads when we have the crucial data? And, if you can't fix the electricity, why are you telling us that everything is fine?

The original Peace Corps was a fine idea for using the energy and talent of a numerous generation of young people. OK: they aren't so young these days, but they're still numerous. Maybe it's time to ask 'em to step up to the plate again.

Update: Of course, the Peace Corps is still around: my point is that JFK's Peace Corps was about using our surplus of 20-somethings to benefit the world, and now the surplus is a bit older. Besides, it's time for the grownups to come back and try to clean up the mess that Rove and Bush have made.

I do find some Peace Corps blogs. Here's a directory. And there's a wiki.