August 20, 2008
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The day after WikiSym — Thursday, September 11 —we’re going for a WikiWalk in Porto. You can come too.

The WikiWalk is open to the public; you don't have to be attending WikiSym, though we hope you will. It’s an opportunity to meet and talk with some of the world’s top Wiki and social media people.

We’ll meet at 9, and stroll through the streets of Porto and discuss all things Wiki. Along the way, we’ll meet some of Porto’s new media and literary leaders. We’ll see the world’s third-best bookstore. We’ll visit one of Porto’s leading newspapers. We’ll have a chance to talk about information architecture in a wonderful Rem Koolhaas building and an 18th century tower. We’ll eat.

We have space for lots — but not infinite space. If you want to sign up, or want information, you can Email me. Or contact organizer Prof. Gabriel David at the University of Porto.