September 1, 2017

Tinderbox 7.2

Tinderbox 7.2

Tinderbox 7.2 is now available.

The big effort behind this new release is far behind the scenes. Tinderbox documents help organize themselves: they follow your rules and enforce your constraints, and they do this without interrupting you. That’s tricky; we’ve worked hard to make sure different parts of Tinderbox don’t tread on each other’s toes.

There’s plenty of stuff you can see, too. Markdown support for those who want it, with built-in preview and with hooks for adding your own markup engine. (LaTeX anyone?). Even nicer typography, with better superscripts and subscripts. Tinderbox 7 offers lots of new import options like BibDesk, and improved import from plenty of old favorites including calendar and email programs.

As always, updates are free if you’ve purchased or upgraded in the past year, and just $98 from any previous version of Tinderbox. (It’s always special fun to hear from people who are upgrading from 2002’s Tinderbox 1!) No need to worry about your old codes or anything; we’ll have your records. Order here.