August 27, 2021
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I like to watch (American) professional football, but I don’t know enough to watch it as intelligently as I’d like. Modern television announcers don’t help: they’re talking to people who know even less than I.

I used to say I was looking for the Roger Angell of football, but that doesn’t work. You can do baseball in words, but for football, you need film.

So, what I’d really like is a smart expert talking to me about how they see the game. It could be specialized: an offensive line coach, just explaining in the moment what Miami is trying and how the Patriots are responding. I can follow the outlines, I don’t need to be told that the Dolphins just ran a screen for a first down. I need to be told that the key to the screen was the right guard chipping the rusher and sliding to the linebacker.

Where do I find this? Could be in-game via Discord, Twitch, or something. Could be commentary produced the following week. I’m sure it must exist, and whoever does it probably has a hundred thousand followers and a Patreon. So, tell me the secret password.