November 21, 2003

The Boy's Crusade

The Boy's Crusade
Paul Fussell

War makes some men heroes, and others, criminals. It made Fussell a historian and a critic, a gifted writer who cannot abide double-talk, chickenshit, or sentiment. He has no patience for nattering about the great generation or the good war, and he insists that we remember the bad parts. There were many bad parts, terrible things happened, and people tried to erase the memory even while they were going on. Fussell was there, and he hated it, and he insists on remembering what really happened. After the Bulge:

  • Dead boys: 19,000
  • Wounded boys: 48,000
  • $6
  • $7
  • $8
  • $9

This neat little history of the ground war from Normandy to Berlin is neatly summed up by its dedication: “to those on both sides who suffered.”