February 23, 2004

Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done
David Allen


(February 23, 2004)

Many Tinderbox users find this volume extremely attractive; it's easy to see why. The core of Allen's advice is: list all your tasks and projects. Having established an external, reliable list of everything you need or want to do, you can spend less energy trying to remember what you fear you might forget; with less stress and anxiety, you can focus on the task at hand.

And, yes, Tinderbox is a nice tool for keeping those trusted lists. Allen urges people not to get too caught up in technique and not to make the note system too arcane or too elaborate; Tinderbox provides enough support to be useful, its openness and accessibility make it a trustworthy place to keep vital information, and the leverage of swift search and agents -- combined with maps for brainstorming and reorganizing complex projects -- work very nicely within Allen's approach.