December 5, 2003
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Jill Walker is speaking at Brown today, and nicely summarizes her talk in advance. I can't be there today -- my car's radiator sprung a very expensive leak yesterday, and a blizzard is scheduled to roll into town any moment. It sounds like a nifty summary.

Jill and the rest of the first generation of weblog scholars took a risk; if everybody had decided that weblogs were a fad, their field would be up a creek. Instead, just as they are getting their degrees, weblogs are transmuting. When hypertext theory people ask, "Where is the interesting link structure in the Web?" this time next year, we may at last have a good answer.

There's a lot of ferment. And I'm only scratching the surface here -- apologies in advance to all the notable writers I failed to mention.

The key thread in innovation here, you'll notice, is that weblog innovators use personal content managers that they can adapt to their needs and whims. Several use their own, homemade tools. Many use Tinderbox. It's an interesting time.

A blizzard is coming. We're going to celebrate by grilling a turkey in the snow. We will not be dismayed by the climate, we have plenty of charcoal, and we will not spill the glög on the rüg.