December 6, 2004


I guess some people are pretty unhappy with me. May I respectfully point out that I don't matter in this? That I'm irrelevant?

My conjecture was: patterns of linkage in this strongly-connected component of the Web have changed. And I further observed that, to the best of my knowledge, we don't know exactly how to prove or disprove this conjecture, but should be able to develop techniques for doing so.

If my hypothesis is true, that'd be interesting. If so, we'll have learned a little about the blogosphere. We can ask other questions. Is the change happening elsewhere? Is it continuous? Is it ongoing? Is it monotonic? Is it uniform?

Or perhaps the data don't confirm my conjecture. Am I unhappy to be wrong? Not in the least! Maybe, if the someone does a really great job solving the problem, I'm a little unhappy that I didn't think of the solution first. But, you know, I'm used to that; there are lots of experiments I didn't think up first.