December 28, 2005


Jolyon Patten writes:

I don't know whether others are using it thus, but Tinderbox is absolutely the business for screenwriting. Predictably enough, perhaps, containers for Cast, Locations, Scenes etc are very useful, but using the map view with adornments is superb/unbeatable for mapping out the dramatic pacing and tensions within particular sections or acts of the overall piece. And being able to shuffle scenes around visually in map view is very helpful. Agents are great to collect scenes in which particular characters appear.... As usual with Tinderbox stuff, it's pretty difficult to think of anything that could do a similar job.

Tinderbox is also very useful for keeping visually to the fore whether a scene is short or long -- you just make the container bigger or smaller... [This] gives you a sense of the changing rhythms in a piece as you go along. FInd that there is too much action in too short a space? Bring the pace down a notch or two.