December 7, 2005
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Travel Notes: Add Some Attributes

It's quite common to find that lots of notes have some common elements. People, for example, tend to have addresses and phone numbers. Indeed, it's a good thing to remember to jot down contact information now, because you're going to need it later.

Travel Notes: Add Some Attributes

To help things along, I've added a few attributes to my travel planning notes. An attributes is simply a nook in which I might save some information. I added email, address, and phone -- and made these Key Attributes for Mom so they show up clearly at the top the window.

Of course, I could simply put the information in the text:

Phone: 312 555-1212

That's fine, too. But adding attributes I know I'm going to need gives me some new options:

Adding an extra attribute doesn't cost very much, either in memory or in performance. But long lists of attributes are tiresome, and we want to keep things simple. Don't go overboard and add dozens of attributes; wait until you're reasonably sure they'll be useful.