December 6, 2005
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Travel Notes: Continuous Incremental Advantage

The key to success in a project like these travel planning notes is continuous incremental advantage. Each bit of work spent on the project needs to make your work better -- faster, smoother, more accurate, more creative, less stressful.

We've only just started building travel notes, but already they're better than the best we'd expect from other technologies.

We can deal with some subtle knowledge representation issues that might otherwise give us fits. My mom lives in Chicago, so that's easy. What if your mom lives in Fargo in the summer, but always spends the winter in Dallas with Aunt Jane? Easy enough in Tinderbox: make an alias, drag it to Dallas, and put it right next to Aunt Jane.

Travel Notes: Continuous Incremental Advantage
Thanks to aliases -- shown here by italics -- the same note (not a copy) can be in two places.