December 22, 2006

Dateline: dinner

We started with bluefish paté and a few cheeses, served on a nice box of biscuits that Amazon grocery had sent us in a promotional care package. This was a fine excuse to try the Chard Farms Judge and Jury Chardonnay we carted home from New Zealand earlier this year. A merry time was had by all.

Then, gigot a sept heures, much like last year, but better. A nice Colorado leg of lamb, tightly sealed in a dutch oven (grouted with bread dough so it's really sealed) along with lots of thinly sliced onions, plenty of diced carrots, and a generous cup of white wine. And don't forget the duchess potatoes, which plenty of cream and bubbling with Emmenthaler cheese, or the very pleasant Bordeaux.

Meryl made a lovely ginger cake for dessert.

Then, back to the kitchen — not just to clean, but to prep the morning's caramel French toast and to brine tomorrow night's roast chicken.