December 7, 2006
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Frank's Home

Last weekend at the Goodman, we saw Richard Nelson's brand-new Frank's Home, a play about the aging Frank Lloyd Wright, his colleague Louis Sullivan, and his family. Wright was an interesting man and, of course, a fascinating architect, an important artist whose building continue to inspire but whose influence is largely negative. You see decorative allusions to Wright everywhere, but nobody builds houses or shops that look much like Wright.

Frank's Home
Frank Lloyd Wright, 241 Maiden Lane, San Francisco
Frank's Home
Frank Lloyd Wright, Window,
Art Institute of Chicago

The play's world premiere was only a couple of weeks back. There are some hints of tryout script tinkering here and there.

Linda pointed out that this is, at heart, a sentimental play. It's telling you how a father should feel and act; when Wright doesn't behave as well as we ourselves would, our recognition validates our wonderfulness.

Still, it's a rich and interesting play. It was a lovely way to spend an afternoon, and with seats at $10 and $20, it doesn't require a consultation with your banker to attend. I wish there was more theater like this in Boston.