December 5, 2006
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What happens to the perfume?

While we wasted half an hour in the security line at O'Hare, a businesswoman was calling for someone -- anyone -- to lend her a zip-lock bag. She'd been caught without one, and she really didn't want to abandon her cosmetics. "I'll pay!", she called out, until a passing student gave her the zip-lock bag she'd been using for her iPod headphones.

A handy $100 bill can be a useful aid to travel. They get lots of attention.

Wouldn't it make sense to have a few spare bags at the security checkpoints? It's been months since we started this business about liquids and gels. (Never mind that you could do some unpleasant things with 3oz=90ml of any number of innocuous-looking liquids.) How many thousands of times has this scenario been played at O'Hare?

Cui bono? Who benefits from not having spare bags on hand? My guess: I bet there's are going to be lots of "confiscated" cosmetics under some christmas trees this year, unless it's already been Organized into a wholesale black market.

At Logan's terminal B, they've 'temporarily' moved the taxis far away, which leaves lots of great spaces for the limo touts to lure confused tourists who can't find the cabs. The touts are working in full view of the Massport dispatcher. I wonder who gets paid?