December 26, 2007
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Fennel Dinner

Tasty! And healthy!

Alice Waters' The Art of Simple Food has made me want to cook more pies and tarts, from savory quiche to all-American berry pies. But then I look at the crusts, and wonder how our forebears — those heroic cooks who baked a dozen pies a week — survived while using all that butter? I know, I know: fat is not bad in the way your mother told you. I know: even out the strain. And yes, there are things you can do with focaccia dough and biscuit dough and whatnot.

Now, to spend some quality time with my copy of Gail Monaghan's Lost Desserts (thank you, gentle reader!) and work on writing in the mode of "thoughts on the love that got away on the plate that time forgot".