December 10, 2009
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Beyond Chronology

Speaking of timelines...

Adrian Miles is starting a new Tinderbox writing project.

I want to develop some ideas. It is informal, blog like, writing but I don’t want the serial structure of a blog. It will be closer to what Mark calls a Fagerjordian structure for precisely the reasons he outlines. There’s a lot of good stuff in my blog, but I never find it, read it, see it. Hardly anyone else does either. This is not a problem of categories or tags. If I use lots of tags then I still can’t find stuff, because the tags are either too specific so I have to scratch and peck through too many, or I only use a few and then it becames a case of trawling through hundreds of entries. And that’s describing me trying to find stuff so how would anyone else? This is probably a generic problem with blogs. They’re great for reflection, for serialised content production and distribution, but they aren’t so good at being a usable archive.