December 26, 2011
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John Gruber is already nostalgic for the present:

A decade or so from now, when, say, I’m waiting for my son to come home from college for his winter break, and, when he does, he wants to spend his time going out with his friends — how much will I be willing to pay then to be able to go back in time, for one day, to now, when he’s eight years old, he wants to go to movies and play games and build Lego kits with me, and he believes in magic?

How much then, for one day with what my family has right now? How much? Everything.

But, you know, John: when he does come home from college, he’ll probably be willing to take some time away from his friends to tell you about the cool new stuff he has on his Android, and you’ll show him the cooler stuff you have on your iPhone 15.


Via Michael Druzinsky: wonderful street art.

Via Rose Fox: what happens when an octopus borrows an iPhone and drunk texts his friends the squid and the crab.

So can yuo go on gamefaqs and look up how to open a jar with crab in it?

I got the last one but I'm kinda stuck on this on.

Brent Simmons argues that people who believe in gamification really think consumers are child-like.