December 3, 2014

Another Weather Report

After a day of comparatively moderate weather at Wikipedia, we’ve got a fresh storm as an experienced user decided that an Amherst freshman’s op-ed in the The Amherst Student required lots of discussion on the Gamergate talk page. The story, which has since been pulled, repeats the long-discredited canard that Zoe Quinn exchanged had dinner with a fellow, or something, in exchange for favorable coverage.

The Amherst Student has apparently withdrawn the article, but that won’t stop the Wikipedia discussion.

Though all the participants have known these accusations to be untrue, the entire matter must be dragged out and discussed in detail on the Talk page, and again on the Sanctions page, because …. well, I guess because people like to talk about Zoe Quinn’s social life, even though everyone knows that it’s none of their business.

No responsible adult with the admin bit is willing to step up and stop this continuing and shameful obsession.