December 10, 2014

Heavens To Betsy

Back at Wikipedia, talk page discussion has (astonishingly) returned to a defense of Vivian James and her color scheme, which famously alludes to a rape image. One experienced editor, slumming as an anonymous newbie, avers that:

There's no reasonable way to argue for non-consent between cartoon characters in an animated GIF

Great. That’s fine then.

Meanwhile, the infection has spread: GamerGate letter-writing convinced Jimmy Wales to intercede in defense of the page on Cultural Marxism, which was to have been deleted and which currently begins with the immortal words:

Cultural Marxism is a pejorative term with links to the Frankfurt School conspiracy theory and alleges an organized and concerted effort on the part of Marxists to subvert the traditional Christian values and cultural norms of western society [1]. Historian William S. Lind and other American commentators, such as Patrick Buchanan, have further claimed that "Cultural Marxism" is a dominant strain of thought within the American left, intended to promote "the capture of [Western culture]" [2].

Glad to see we don’t have any pusillanimous pussyfooters to restrict Pat Buchanan’s defense of Christianity from the left-wing marauders.