December 2, 2014

Weather Report

Game developer Zoe Quinn has just published a lengthy and generous exploration of Gamergate and Journalism, Let’s Talk About Ethics – No Really!. Readers will recall that Quinn was the original Gamergate target.

Weather Report

Stacey Mason is starting a study of Gamergate’s history. Above, see a part of her Tinderbox map of the origins of Gamergate.

Yesterday, game developer Brianna Wu’s pet dog, Crash, died. Gamer gate responded by flooding her email and Twitter stream with pictures of dead dogs.

Over at Wikipedia. Brianna Wu’s page is now the arena of renewed edit war today, as single-purpose accounts attempt to insert suggestions that she lied in reporting threats of rape and murder, or that she sent the threats herself. A proposal to recast the Gamergate article itself as an open question – misogyny or ethics? we report: you decide! – will continue to unsettle the talk page. Ardent efforts to discuss a job that Anita Sarkeesian might have had ten years ago appear to have stalled for now; look for a change in weather and a new storm front. Gamergate continues at ArbCom (16,700 words so far, another 10,000 on the talk page), at General Sanctions, at AN/I (two open complaints), and AN (just closed).