The key difference between Ceres (used as a web log tool) and traditional web log tools (Blogger, Gray Matter, Moveable Type) is that Ceres runs on your machine. That makes some things harder to do, but other things are much easier.

One of the easy things, much of the time, is adding new features to your site.

For example, I've always typed a "new stuff" note at the top of this column, pointing to new items on other pages on this site. Starting today, lots of the "new stuff" is entered automatically by Ceres. Whenever I add a book, an agent adds a link. Whenever something new goes to TechnoCrit, an agent adds a link.

This didn't require any programming or scripting. You can do it yourself. And if you don't like the way it works here (perhaps you'd like to list three books instead of one?), you can change it.