December 16, 2001
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Fast Food

Eric asked for food photos. Here's the first, a S$5 fast food lunch, the Dosa Masala meal. Lots of onions and potatoes and saffron -- which must cost less here than in Boston.

Yesterday's big task was food shopping, stocking our new kitchen with wonderfully strange new things. Linda keeps asking me, "do you know what that stuff is?" I don't, of course, but it's often stuff I've heard about (garam masala) or fairly easy to decipher. Last night, I threw together sauteed salmon with sweet Thai chili sauce, and roasted potatoes with peri-peri spice.

The wet markets look exciting. Piles of little sharks. Varieties of crabs. Shellfish I've never seen. Smoked ducks, whole. I'm still too chicken to buy much, but I'll improve in time.