At the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, an intriguing collection of fashion photography by classic Vogue photographers Horst and Hoyningen-Huene. Don't miss this if you have any interest in photography, even if commercial photography leaves you cold; this is the real thing.

Looking at these images, it's striking how subdued their sexual energy is. Horst and Huene were gay, and the point of fashion photography was to emphasize the dress, not the woman, but these are portraits of bodies at rest in a world in motion. It's true of the pictures of men, too; aside from one early portrait of Horst (and, perhaps, a boyish and very young Katherine Hepburn), there's nothing here with the sexual energy of Man Ray or Stieglitz.

I do hope this impression arises from the work, and not because someone cleansed the file of homoerotic images in the wake of Mapplethorpe.