February 28, 2003

New Media safe at last! (news at 11)

If Kolb's response is gently reasoned, Greco's is full of energy and richly-merited anger.

If these so-called critics didn't have early hypertext theorists and practitioners to belittle, they'd have they'd have nothing to write about, because they're not interested in anything but making little scenes with themselves in the starring role.

Jill got a free copy of the new American Book Review in lieu of being paid for her writing. They were handing out piles of them at AWP yesterday, but I left mine on the plane. So, I've only seen the introduction in which guest editor Scott Rettberg tries to pretend that hypertext before his own work now "seems charmingly anachronistic". Interestingly, ABR couldn't find time to review what might well be the year's most important new media title, My Name is Captain, Captain. Now that the former ELO director has a job teaching new media studies, new media studies has become the new salvation:

And, perhaps most importantly for the longterm health of the new media art forms, New Media Studies is finding nests within universities in the US and around the world.

I'm sure this makes the folks been teaching the subject year in, year out, for five, ten, even fifteen years -- Kaplan (Cornell/Texas/Baltimore), Landow (Brown), Bolter (USC/Georgia Tech), Hayles (UCLA), Joyce (Vassar), Moulthrop (Yale/Texas/GA Tech/Baltimore) , Aarseth (Bergen), Clement (Paris 8), Murray (MIT/GA Tech), Douglas (NYU/Brunel/Florida), Bly (NYU/Fordham), Miles (RMIT), and I hate to think who I'm forgetting-- feel great.