Thursday, February 19, 2004
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Daybook: HowTo

Lots of people are interested in the Daybook.

William Cole is intrigued, and he's just one of several people who wonder (a) is it real, or theory, and (b) can they have a sample document?

It's not immediately clear to me whether he is talking about an actual product made in/for Tinderbox, or if he is just theorizing.

Yes, it's real. And the version I described is such a simple Tinderbox document that there's not much point in distributing a prototype. Make a note for today: voila! Tomorrow, make another note. Now, make a container to hold both those notes. Perhaps sort by date. That's all you need to get started.

Of course, Tinderbox could do a lot more. How much additional work is going to be useful? We don't know yet! Jon Buscall has his own Daybook, a more elaborate system, and he's not quite sure whether the simpler version would be better or worse.