Friday, February 20, 2004
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Tinderbox Is Two

This week marks the second anniversary of Tinderbox. Wheee.

Tinderbox Is Two
I'm very happy to say that the Tinderbox community is large and growing, and that we've got lots of positive energy. My mailbox (and NetNewsWire window) has been overflowing with comments on the Daybook note earlier this week; Daybook is just about the simplest Tinderbox task you could imagine, but it also seems to be a frontier of knowledge management.

Save the date: we're planning a Tinderbox weekend in Boston, May 22-23. We'll have training -- from Getting Started basics to advanced template design. We'll take a look at the roadmap for Tinderbox for Windows and Tinderbox 3. We'll look at a wide variety of applications. More details, soon.