February 27, 2005
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Hotel Moose

Philip Werner's a tech industry VP, so he travels a lot. He's got a blog of hotel reviews.

This is a great idea. Esther Dyson used to do reviews of hotel swimming pools -- half lark, half serious. But seriously, good data on actual hotels is hard to come by.

A lot of us need to go places now and then. You're headed to San Francisco: where do you stay? (I used to like the St. Francis for the lobby bar, but they've ruined that. But unless you've been there lately, how would you know?)

Epinions and such try to aggregate reviews, but aggregation inspires the sort of idiocy that makes VersionTracker such a wasteland. Review blogs have a name, and they have a voice; if you're a crank or a kid or you've got an axe to grind, you can hide it in one review but not in a dozen.